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It's on the list. What is? Yes!

Hike Zion! It's on the list.

Research best camping toilet. It's on the list.

Ask Donna and Joanne how to start a blog. It's on the list.

Pick up cassava flour for grain-free cookie recipe. It's on the list.

Is it just me, or is there something so satisfying, and necessary, about LISTS? Is it about lack of memory, organization, aspirations and goals, or is it that it feels so good to cross things OFF of the list(s)? Is it a to-do list, infamous bucket list, a shopping list, guest list, pros & cons list? Do you bulletize, number, or draw little check boxes? For me, it's all of the above, neatly organized and color coded in my Passion Planner, of course (Game changer! More to come about that.). Some say I'm OCD, but honestly, if it's not written down, it's not real, it's not a priority, and it's NOT going to get done. I could blame my list obsession on my foggy ol' brain, but, full transparency, I've been making lists my entire life. I love getting $h!t done and the sensation of crossing things off of the list(s)... yes, I'm that simple and easily satisfied.

Writing a blog has always been on the list. So here goes nothing...

Duh, of course I have a "Blog List".

  • talk to bloggers

  • research how to start a blog

  • best (easy & free) blog platforms

  • find a niche

  • affiliate links pros & cons

Checked off the first three, and here we are on number four, find a niche. To find a niche, I first have to figure out why the heck I want to blog in the first place. I've been in the military for over 30 years, have a successful second career, a MBA, profitable real estate investments.... so what am I trying to accomplish now? I've been told I'm a rule-following, black & white, structured (controlling) person. However, I'm also God fearing, ZYIA wearing marathoner, artist, crafter, DIYer, avid hiker, trailhead seeker, waterfall chaser, sunrise & sunset junkie with a love for nature and travel. I also love to write and review stuff (places, things, experiences, food, etc.). I think all of the above (discipline, creativity and curiosity) equal a good recipe to take a stab at this bloggin' thing.

Back to the point - the niche - all things on the list(s)! I plan to write about the places and things I will visit, experience, and cross off of my travel list, hiking list, painting list, marathon list, restaurant list... all while doing a DIY conversion of a 1990 Dodge Ram Extended Cargo Van into a CAMPERVAN! Yes, I now have a "how to convert an old van into a campervan list" (yup, I'll be sharing that here too). I hope you'll join my "guest list", stick around, and follow my adventures & blog. Thanks.

#trailhead #dickersoncreek

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4 comentários

24 de nov. de 2023

Been in that van!


04 de abr. de 2023

This will be fun to watch!!!

Julie Duncan
05 de abr. de 2023
Respondendo a



29 de mar. de 2023

It’s working.

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