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The Elephant in the Room – Side Hustle vs Friendships


Another online party!!?? Make them stop! Don't make eye contact.  Don’t reply to the chat. 


Do you cringe when a friend asks you to host a Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, NuSkin, Optavia, etc. party?  Do you roll your eyes, and think what are they trying now? If yes, why?


Let's address the elephant in the room—Side Hustles vs Friendships

Hey YOU—invitee, potential customer, client—are you secretly thinking…

  • I don't even really know that person?

  • I don't like or need the product, and they are probably going to expect me to buy something.

  • I don't want to bother "my friends" with another online party?

  • Good for them, but he/she doesn't need my party, order, or support to be successful.

  • Why are they asking me, they should keep business and friends separate.

  • I don't have time for this.  I don't have money for this.

  • My friends will also not like the person, product, hassle, obligation, etc.?


And now YOU—you crazy entrepreneur—in your mind…

  • I love the product and my friends will too.

  • If it's not for them, I'm sure they know someone who will.

  • It's scary starting a side hustle, I can't ask complete strangers, so I'll start with family and friends.

  • I know they will love to support me.

  • I know they are busy, so I'll make it easy, do all the work, and they reap the benefits, I just need them to pull their friends together.


Guess what?  I am both, the crazy entrepreneur AND the one that is secretly saying in my head "please don't ask me, please don't ask me". Why? Where do we go from here?  After asking a couple friends, reading a few articles, and exploring my own 'why', I was fascinated that this is such a contentious topic.


I can only speak from my perspective and experiences; maybe some of you can relate.


Many of you know I have a full time crazy corporate career and a military reserve obligation, however I also have several other irons in the fire, simply because I can't sit still and I like to try, share, and write about things I love…and hey, if I make a little extra travel money, BONU$!


I am an independent ZYIA Rep, selling quality athleisure-wear for the whole family and I have this, what you are reading right now, my It's On The List Blog.  Eventually, I hope to have affiliate links in my blog posts, as well, to share products I love, and make a small commission at no additional cost to the reader/buyer.  As of today, I only have one with Passion Planners—the ultimate collection of game changing-life changing calendars and planners.  Check them out, and please use my referral link to get 10% off.


What thoughts are really IN my mind (as the crazy entrepreneur),

  • I make no assumptions my friends will love ZYIA as much as I do, though thousands of women and men do.  Even I don't like every item and have made returns.  I am not offended, promise.

  • It is very scary starting a new business, and I absolutely have/will invite family & friends, which I have been shocked that I've had to be so thick skinned with that audience.

  • Even if they don't like the product and never buy anything, I know that they will still show their support in a way that feels right for them.


also ME, as the invitee/customer/client,

  • I want all entrepreneurs to succeed, especially brave women stepping out in faith

  • I will be honest about my intentions to support them, not necessarily buy a product/service I'm don't need

  • I will ask for other ways I can best support them and find one that aligns with my values, time, budget, etc.

Bottom line, support comes in many different forms and support is free, i.e. it is costing you nothing right now as your are reading this, except 3 minutes of your life.  Unfortunately, social media platforms only work when the algorithms work and algorithms only work when you support friends by following, liking, sharing, and commenting.  Honestly, THAT, the following, liking, sharing, and commenting, mean more to me than your party or purchase (most of the time, wink).


If you have a friend starting a business, offering a service, writing a book... why not support them? It shouldn't be Side Hustle vs Friendships, it should be Side Hustles and Friendships. Trust me, it makes us feel acknowledged and valued.


Cassie Feld wrote a great blog a few years ago called 15 Ways to Support Your Friend With Their Business, Blog, or Side Hustle.  Check it out, #15 is my FAVORITE.  Let's all do better in lifting up our friends.


  1. Like (Better Yet, Love) EQUALS algorithm success and bolster confidence

  2. Comment - icing on the cake

  3. Share - because let's face it… social media is a giant popularity contest (boo). More importantly, it’s a HUGE help and costs you nothing!

  4. Use Their Links

  5. Click On Their Ads - If you buy the product or similar anyways, and your friend will likely get commission (at no cost to you)!

  6. Buy Their Product or Service

  7. Post Their Products or Services on Social Media - Brag on your friends!

  8. Leave a Review

  9. Hand Out Cards

  10. Host a Party - What's the worst thing that will happen… time with your friend? Discounts? Free stuff?

  11. Host a Meet & Greet or Networking Party

  12. Give Them Referrals - You know what happens when you ASS-U-ME your friends won't need/like the product.

  13. Tell Them About Events & Opportunities

  14. Talk Them Up

  15. Cheer Them On - There will be plenty of nay-sayers, don't be one.  Be proud of your friends, their courage, and their journey!


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3 Kommentare

09. Dez. 2023

Thanks for sharing. Great post! Friends make our world go-round. 😊 Joanne

Gefällt mir

08. Dez. 2023

Love this! I have drafted something similar in my head but never put it out there. Gina P.

Gefällt mir
09. Dez. 2023
Antwort an

Thanks!! Me too… had to get it out of my head! Julie

Gefällt mir
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