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  • Julie Duncan

Someday I'm going to __________________.

Do you have a “Someday” list? I think we all do, but something happened when I turned 50, and my Someday list has turned into a “Start Planning That $h!t Right Friggin’ Now” list.

  • Hike Zion

  • Sleep in the Grand Canyon

  • Taking a cooking class

  • Go to Italy

  • Go to Bali

The only days of the week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. <insert cliché> There isn’t a Someday! According to smart math/statistics people (NOT ME), 95% of Americans have a Bucket List, but unfortunately, according to Jonathan Look, a Forbes contributor, the problem is that unless you pay attention to your goals and take action to achieve them, a bucket list is a place where dreams go to die. Unbucket that $h!t. If it sounds like a great idea, start researching it, talking about it, praying on it, manifesting it, and planning it. Get out the calendar, now!

I have always wanted to go to Lucca, Italy, where my family is originally from (on my mother’s side). After a year of talking, manifesting, planning, and saving… it’s on the calendar and I’m finally going!!! Of course, one item on a list consequently creates new items to write on the list, resulting in subsequent lists (yes, I’m a bit neurotic about lists). The Italy Prep List—house/pet sitter, packing, call bank, LEARN ITALIAN, etc. About 6 months ago, I downloaded the Babble app and dove in. With my crazy schedule, Babble gets 15 minutes every morning during breakfast. FYI, it’s hard to learn a second language as an adult! Yea yea I know, there are various translator apps and most folks over there understand English… but where’s the fun (and challenge) in that? I am half Italian, I’m meeting my Italian relatives for the first time, and I’m determined to learn as much as I can. Though difficult, I’m having a blast and I can wait to stumble my what through getting to know my family, ordering too much vino rosso & formaggio, shopping, and touring the countryside, very soon.

I highly recommend Babbel. It starts easy and gets a little tougher with each lesson. Being able to slow down the speaker's pace to better understand the pronunciation is perk. I love their podcasts where you can listen to real conversations (with help from the moderator/translator); this is as close to an immersion as you can get. They also offer live classes, but I haven’t tried them yet. Remember, I only have 15 minutes each day.

Word(s) of the day “i pantaloni marroni’ (Google the audio🤪). This made me giggle way too hard this morning, and I’ve probably have already said it at least 100 times already. For whatever weird reason, I love its phonetics. Apologies to my co-workers.

I hope you will take just a second to consider your list… is it a bucket or an UNbucket list? What's stopping you? What has to be true?

Thanks for reading. Saluti a te!

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