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  • Julie Duncan

Not today Satan! I've always loved that saying, or DECLARATION! I don't declare it enough.

Are you quick to react? Have you always been that way, or have you become 'react'-ionary as a result of _____________ (fill in the blank)?

I am and I hate it! #workinprogress

I guess this could be a sign of past trauma, but for me, and for most I assume, it’s a sign of stress, anxiety, and emotional overwhelm (Satan is banking on it). After being sick for 2 years and lots of doctors, all signs point to stress. The doc has confirmed, I am constantly in fight-or-flight. So when work, friends, LIFE throw a gut punch… it hits hard, often unproportionately (is that word?) hard. I apologize to all those that have been (and will be) on the other end of my reactions.

Stress KILLS (and ruins relationships and careers). FRIENDS, please try to take care of yourselves (FIRST). It's easy to say, I know, and can be very hard to actually do, but awareness, acknowledgement, and intentionality are the first steps. Personally, I am trying to:

  • Show immediate grace

  • Always assume positive intent

  • Don't underestimate myself (strength, smarts, etc.)

  • Pause, breathe, reframe and respond (not react)

  • Fake it and act the opposite (boy, that throws them for a loop)

  • Unplug - walk, hike, travel

  • Lean on my tribe (friends, family, counselor)

In the meantime, I "put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes" (Ephesians 6:11), and keep my head down and chin up, and be kind and loving to myself.

Not today Satan.

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